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My fellow compatriots.

If you are reading this, you are the resistance. In response to the tyranny of texting, mobile/cell phones and the likes of kindle, I have little choice but to declare a ‘Romantic War’ upon such foul agencies as those currently engaged in the insidious corruption of the beauty, ritual and custom of communication.

At the close of 2012, I celebrate a milestone, it will be my 24th year of resistance to Mobile Phone technology. Having never owned a Mobile Phone, or wanting one, I can state without equivocation that I relish the thought of another 24 years without one dominating my existence.

Having witnessed the vice like hold this odious opiate of obsolescence brings to bear on the waking moments of young and old, I am left with no choice but to rail like a Smithfield at the markets! What irony that I rail at those whom I seek to defend, and little do they know it! 

Consequently, all future correspondence will be on beautiful unlined hand made paper, using traditional goose quill, dipped in ink of India. Letters will be secured by way of vermillion sealing wax, impressed by my signet ring or custom stamp and delivered by footman wearing a tattered black tricorn hat.

If you wish to join the ‘Romantic Resistance’, charm your friends, lovers and enemies via the links below. The war will be won by quill power!




Vive le revolution! The Tartan Trouvere …

© The Tartan Trouvere 2012

Image source http://www.invitationseals.com/letter-seals/