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Claymore and armour from Dunvegan Castle, Circa 1890.

Claymore and armor from Dunvegan Castle, engraving circa 1890. source unknown.

A welcome to all who follow this din, tis a wee nook of knowledge explored from within. From without you may search for some theme in my name, all too soon to discover a fox is at play.

Enamored is he of history and art, for tucked in his tunic he keepeth a dart. A prick tipped with India and feathered for flight, The Tartan Trouvere fills his parchment with light.

Some say he has Huguenot blood in his veins, and that Tartan was found in the bed where he lay. The mixture is true for a soul without care, so sit ye and listen to The Tartan Trouvere.

© The Tartan Trouvere 2012